Three Teddy Bears for children

Surprise your Friends with Fun and Unusual Gifts

Some people can be tough to buy gifts for, while others seem to have pretty much everything. However, if you need to buy a present for someone who falls into either category, then it’s time to think outside the box. City Centres across the region and the fabulous Mall of the Emirates are all packed with fun and unusual gift ideas that are bound to delight even the most difficult-to-buy-for person in your life. See a few of our favourite suggestions here.

Funko Pops

If you happen to be near Mall of the Emirates or City Centre Bahrain, then hunt out Geek Nation. Geek Nation is a paradise for anyone with interest in movies, comic books or gaming. Among their most popular products are Funko Pops: vinyl figurines from shows, films and computer games such as Marvel Avengers, Star Wars and Overwatch.

Three funko pop toys from toy story: buzz, woody, slinky
Funko pop toys

Talking Teddy Bears

City Centre Bahrain is home to the Build-A-Bear Workshop. There, you can create a one-of-a-kind cuddly bear and record a message which the bear will repeat when squeezed. While they’re superb for youngsters, they’re also a great, quirky gift for grown-ups – particularly those who seem to have everything else.

Three Teddy Bears for children
Cute Teddy Bears


Whether you’re buying for a child or a grown-up child at heart, LEGO ticks all the right boxes. You’ll find themed LEGO sets available, allowing you to build spaceships, superhero vehicles and world-famous buildings. An excellent gift for the whole family, a LEGO set offers hours of fun, from constructing your model to playing with it. Ideal for serious collectors, as well as casual enthusiasts. Check out the choice at the LEGO Store in City Centre Mirdif.

Mother and son playing with LEGO in the living room
Child playing with LEGO

A Mall Gift Card is the Ideal Present

Trying to buy for those with specific interests can be challenging. Buying a Mall Gift Card takes the headache out of deciding what to purchase and allows the recipient to buy what they truly want. With a minimum load of 50AED and a maximum cap of 3,000AED, you can make your Mall Gift Card as budget-friendly or as extravagant as you wish. Leave the tough decision to the recipient, safe in the knowledge you’ve bought them something they’ll appreciate.