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Give a Heart-Warming Farewell Gift for a Roommate

If you’re about to say goodbye to a roommate, a farewell gift is a lovely way to tell them how much you’ll miss them. Even though you may know them well, finding the ideal present isn’t always easy. So to help you say goodbye in style, we’ve put together a list of possible options to help you choose a farewell gift for your roommate.

Something of yours they always borrow

If your roommate is forever borrowing a t-shirt, a pair of shoes, or a jacket, now is the perfect time to make sure they have one of their own. You know it’s something they’ll want, so check out the styles on offer at Max Fashion at City Centre Deira, or the ultra-trendy American Eagle Outfitters at Mall of the Emirates.

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The gift of giving presents

Their Favourite Perfume

Whether they love big brands like Chanel or Diesel, or they love traditional Oud perfumes, treating them to their favourite perfume or aftershave is a great way to show your roommate how well you know them. Luckily for you, you’ll find a whole host of perfume stores at Mall of the Emirates or try some of the more traditional scents on offer at Al Ajmal Perfume at City Centre Fujairah.

An opened gift box, fragrance and décor on colourful background
Perfume Gifts

A Book on their “To-Read” List

If you live with an avid reader, why not treat them to a book or two? Think about the authors and genres they’re into, and the type of books they’ll be interested in and make your decision. Then head to Borders in City Centre Mirdif, or Mall of the Emirates and discover a title you know they’ll love reading.

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Books Are Man’s Best Friend

A Photo Album or Picture Frame

If you and your roommate have become close friends during the time you’ve lived together, you could create a gift that’s meaningful for both of you. A photo album filled with pictures of your favourite memories together is something they can treasure forever. You’ll find a selection of beautiful photo albums available at Paperchase, ranging from bold colours to simple designs.

An open photo album with a pink hardcover
A Photo Album

Mall Gift Cards – An Excellent Choice!

If you’re struggling to find the ideal farewell gift for a roommate, you could always treat them to a Mall Gift Card. That way, they’ll have the freedom to buy themselves something they want or need. Plus, they’ll also get to enjoy one of the best shopping experiences in the United Arab Emirates. The gift cards can be used at any of Majid Al Futtaim – shopping malls, so they’ll be spoiled for choice.